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Little Bentley is just 3 years old and 36 inches tall. He's a cute little bay pony looking for a home!

Bentley was saved from the kill pen in Bowie, Texas just hours before he was scheduled to ship to Mexico. He tugged on our heart strings and is now part of the Blue Horse Rescue family.

At the time of this posting, January 29, 2016, Bentley was in quarantine in Texas. Very thin and quite sick with an upper respiratory infection. A week and a half later and he was doing very much better. No more runny nose, eyes, or cough! Bentley will be in quarantine for at least a month and when declared healthy he will be traveling to his foster family in California.

We will be posting more information as we receive word from his quarantine mom. It is rumored that he halters and leads very nicely which is always a bonus!

Looking forward to meeting this little one and helping him on his way to a great home.

Update: Bentley is just loving life with his new foster family!! 

Update: January 2017 Bentley has regained his health and is now ready to head off to training with the amazing Ray Berta!

If you are interested in providing a home for Bentley, please fill out our Adoption Application, or if you would like more info, please contact


Bo & Belle - Adopted!

Minis on Trailer

Bo and Belle are two little ponies who were saved from the kill pen in Bowie, Texas just before Christmas 2015. After a long month in quarantine and a lengthy ride from Texas to California, they arrived at their new foster family in Watsonville, Ca. As of January 21st they are settling in (it’s only day 3) and we are hoping to get to know these two a little better during the next few weeks. Our goal for now is to help them adjust to their new life. Calm baby steps for now. As we learn more about them we will be posting updates, so please check back with us.

Bo is a estimated to be six years old, and a gelding, and little Belle, his sister is approximately five.

Update: Bo & Belle are making great strides with their foster mom and are beginning to understand that humans really aren’t that bad. Foster mom Katy gets a big nicker and lots of whinnying when she arrives! 


Jessie a Permanent Resident in BHR Foster 

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Jessie is a 30 yr old palomino quarter horse, and in her younger days was a wonderful trail horse. Very much "the been there done it" mare. Jessie is described as being good with everyone, safe and mellow.   Jessie is unable to chew her hay and had lost a lot of weight and muscle mass. She was evaluated by our vet and started on a pelleted diet. Jessie has started gaining weight and is doing really well. For 30 years old, this girl now has a lot of energy and is enjoying her own paddock at meal times. Wonderful to see.


Sunny - Adopted!!

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Sunny arrived at Blue Horse Rescue on December 23, 2012 during a nasty winter storm. Sunny was the the third horse to come to Blue Horse Rescue for training and the skills she will need to be successfully adopted into a wonderful home. Sunny was initially part of a rescue on the day after Christmas in 2010 - before BHR was in existence . Sunny is now going on four years old and a Paiute mustang. 

Sunny was adopted in Decemer 2014 and we are very pleased that she has found a life partner and new herd. A perfect match for Sunny!

Follow Sunny on our BHR Blog.

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LuLu - Adopted!


What can I say about LuLu! LuLu is a nine year old QH mare and one of the kindest, most gentle, horses I have ever met. She has great patience, much humility, a calm temperament and is the most forgiving of teachers to both young horses and people. I know this first hand because she has tolerated and corrected not only my mistakes but also my young horse Patriot, who is on his way to becoming a more knowledgeable herd member. (I love him dearly, but right now he's a punk!) To this day, she lets him know when he is somewhat over the top, and believe me Patriot can go there in a heartbeat. LuLu reminds him firmly and justly that he still has some manners to learn, and believe me, he gets it! And yes, I get it too. I know LuLu will be the perfect calming influence to settle and teach the young horses during their time at Blue Horse Rescue and she will also be a great companion to the older horses. There's nothing this girl likes better than just hanging out with her buddies and relaxing. We consider ourselves very lucky to have LuLu as our first and permanent resident at Blue Horse Rescue.

LuLu is our one mare that is not available for adoption. LuLu came to us with a history of lameness issues and severe arthritis in her knees. She is presently spending her days on an acre and a quarter and her comfort is our #1 priority. LuLu's one challenge this past year has been weight and we have started an exercise program that will hopefully shed the pounds and keep her knees comfortable - quite the challenge.

If you ever meet this mare, you can't help but fall for her. She is definitely an old soul and a wonderful teacher. I have promised her she will live her days in peace and as naturally as possible. She is my mentor, my balance, my female soul mate, and being an excellent judge of human & equine character, a great teacher for all.

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Patriot - Our Ongoing Inspiration

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Patriot deserves a mention and a big thank you for bringing me to this point in my journey with horses. He's a four year old TB/something that I adopted when he was approximately 18 months. Cute, gentle, kind and ...  yes, cuddly, sort of summed him up. Oh, and I forgot to mention, at the time, extremely small for his age. Needless to say, he quickly found his way to my heart and it was soon after that my learning process began. It was also about the same time that he began to grow, and grow, and grow! Almost over night, sweet and cuddly began to transition into adolescent, opinionated and suddenly very big. I think you know where I'm heading with this. In all fairness, I'd been warned, but I never thought all those warnings would ever apply to me and "sweet little P"! My most memorable words of advice, that I didn’t listen to, were: “If it’s not cute at a 1000 lbs, it’s not cute at 200!” If only I had listened! I don't think any species escapes adolescent attitude, and that especially includes horses. At this point I realized I was way in over my head and needed help. I did find help and during the past year (yes, it’s been that recent) realized that sometimes you just have to admit, “I don’t have the skills and this is about to go really bad for us both. I need help!”. Like I said, I found the help I needed and life has taken a dramatic change for the better, but for a while, the stress we were both feeling was huge.

Out of this experience an idea began forming. I had always wanted to start a rescue or sanctuary, but had always leaned towards the older souls.  It was now that I began to see a real need for not only rescuing young horses from disastrous circumstances but taking it a step further and giving them a good start at becoming willing and safe partners for life. I remember the day I asked my instructor that one breathless question. “Would you be willing to help me start a rescue that not only saves these young horses, but also gives them a really great foundation?” She thought for what seemed like a very long moment and said “yes”. With a great sigh of relief, the concept behind Blue Horse Rescue was born. 

Although not a part of Blue Horse Rescue, Patriot is definitely the ongoing inspiration and, like Blue Horse Rescue, a work in progress. Our journey together is a life long commitment - he keeps me out of my comfort zone and on my toes! I  can’t help but move forward on my journey, even on those days where I just don’t want to, and for this I thank him. Because of him, I strive, with the help and dedication of others, to be able to give once ‘unwanted’ young and older horses a healthy and confident opinion of life and the desire and willingness to become the best human/equine partners they can be.


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