Quarantine Days with Cindy

Our First Sunny Day

IMG 8765 copy

So finally, they are able to enjoy a day in the sun! Or at least that what we thought! Just when we thought that things would settle down for Bo and Belle the thunderstorms, flooding and tornadoes hit the area they are now calling their temporary home. Once again, Bo and Belle showed us how tough they are and weathered the storm well with the help of their quarantine mom, Cindy who worked hard to keep everyone safe and out of harms way. 

So now some healing can begin.Suffering from a respiratory infection, and on antibiotics, I have my fingers crossed that this month brings them good health, a little more weight and some time to relax.

Update, Bo & Belle have recovered nicely from their respiratory infections and are slowly putting the weight on. Cindy says they are a handful - Bo is very curious but also very large and in charge. At least in his mind’s eye. Belle, is very shy and spends a lot of time hiding behind her brothers tail and peeking out to see what’s happening.