Midnight’s Colic Surgery & Recovery Updates

midnight and vicki 2

midnight home again

Day #8 and #9: Home Again!

Big day on Friday for Midnight and Emily as they said their goodbyes to all who had helped them out during Midnight’s hospitalization at Steinbeck’s this the past week. The care, knowledge, skills and compassion everyone gave not only Midnight but his companion Emily too, was absolutely amazing! It means so much when a bad situation is handled well and you feel confident that the best have now joined what I began to think of as Team Midnight!

midnight eating Day #7 2


Oh my gosh, a grain pan with good stuff in it! Life is so much better for Midnight as he begins to be able to eat again. He has been making steady progress and this mornings report was, “he’s doing really good”.  Later in the day Midnight had some more blood work done and it’s just what’s to be expected at this point. So, he’s eating, drinking, and down to pain meds once a day. He’s very interested in Emily’s grass hay, but it’s still just a little too soon for that. We are now beginning to make plans for Midnight and Emily’s return home, and fingers are crossed for Friday. More news tomorrow!


POST OP DAYS #5 and #6 : 

Great news as Midnight continues to work his way back! He is now eating small frequent meals of freshly grown soft, moist grass and doing really well with it. Last night the IV fluids were discontinued and we are hoping that he will start drinking again on his own, very soon - sometimes it takes a bit. The next step will be to begin weaning him off the pain medication. The goal is, with steady progress over the next few days, Midnight will be going home on Friday! His foster mom will be visiting again today, and I hope to have some more pics up by tonight, so please check back.

Midnight 4 days post op pics 2

POST OP DAY #3 and #4: 

Midnight is putting his all into coming back from his tough surgery and this weekend he enjoyed going out for a walk with his foster mom, plotting a quick escape and, best of all, trying out a handful of fresh grass picked just for him by his wonderful vet, Megan. Everyday is getting just a little bit better for Midnight. Fingers crossed for even more improvement during the next few days. 

PS - Emily, Midnight’s friend, enjoyed a walk too and even got to spend some time kicking up her little heels and running around the round pen. She was having so much fun that she decided she would add the “you can’t catch me game” to her day. Luckily, a treat worked wonders. (When I asked the vet how Emily was doing, her response was, “she’s living the dream!”.)

Day #2 2


The news on Midnight this morning is that he is holding steady. He is catching up on his fluids by IV and is slowly starting to do a little better. He has a long way to go but today his vets and surgeon are now “cautiously optimistic”. Way better than yesterday. Midnight has managed to gain the affection of everyone taking care of him with his sweet personality, and he’s a very cooperative little patient which is always good. Continued prayers for Midnight.

IMG 5031


Tough times for Midnight and today was a mixed bag for our little guy, curious about what was going on around him but having a challenge with belly pain. The night proved to be a little better for him and as Midnight’s vet said, ”those who sleep together, heal together”.  

Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Midnight OR 2


Midnight and his companion of many years, Emily, arrived at Blue Horse Rescue on January 18th, 2017. They were settling into their new foster home and doing really well until this past Wednesday when the little gelding Midnight began to show signs of colic. Our vet determined that it would be best for Midnight to be seen at Steinbecks Country Equine. Once there, after more extensive diagnostics, it was determined that Midnight's colic was not a medical fix and that surgery was needed to save this little one. Midnight was immediately prepped and on his way. 

It was a long and grueling day for Midnight - five hours of surgery while his friend Emily anxiously waited for him to return to their stall. (Emily accompanied Midnight to keep him company during this long ordeal).  Midnight's surgery did take an unexpected turn and we learned that this little guy had been eating hair and sticks at some point. Not at all what we expected to hear.

Midnight came through his tough surgery and is now recovering from anesthesia. We are all hoping and praying for him.