Jessie's Weight Gain is Happening!

Yay for a Diet of Alfalfa Pellets & Supplements!

IMG 3399

Jessie is really gaining weight! She is looking wonderful! BHR couldn't have done it without really great veterinary advice, a strong mare with surprisingly good blood work, and Jessie's tremendous spirit and desire to stay with us and eat her way back to health. Jessie never waivered when it came to doing her part and eating up those pellets! Jessie's owner was also very dedicated to seeing her 28 year old mare get her weight back on and was committed to providing Jessie with the many small meals a day initially required. Team work really can achieve miracles! A very heartfelt thank you to all of you who very generously donated to the Jessie & Hazel Fund. Without you we couldn't have helped this very amazing mare. Again, a very big thank you from all of us. 

(I'm not a big fan of before and after photos, but the change in Jessie is incredible and I just had to share.)

Jessie, July 2014

IMG 1559

Jessie, October 2014

IMG_3400 copy

IMG 3399