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Maneless Minis!

IMG 5231

Our two little minis, Midnight and Emily had a little bit of a spa day this past weekend - it was time to lighten up those manes and start from scratch. Not to mention, preventing any additional nibbling by Midnight - safe and short is the mane mantra of the day - I think they look pretty cute!

Vet Day for Midnight

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Big day for Midnight! Sutures were removed and he is continuing to recover every day! Everything is going well for this little guy after a very tough couple of weeks after his recent colic surgery. When the surgeon is pleased; we are pleased. …

Bentley - Training

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This past Saturday I had the opportunity to check in with Bentley in his new temporary home and see how this young one was adjusting to this big change in his life. When I arrived Bentley was in his paddock hanging out with the big guy on the other side of the fence. …

Bentley’s Big Adventure

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It was a busy Friday with three of Blue Horse Rescue's little ones on the road. Today was definitely an adventure for Bentley. Bentley said a sad goodbye to his foster family and with curiosity and confidence he loaded right up to head down the road to the next phase of his life - training! We are all very excited for Bentley and look forward to seeing him learn all he needs to know to live safely and confidently in a human world. It always takes a village, and a huge thank you goes to Bentley's foster mom, Sandy, who brought him along from a sickly little stud colt, (the stud colt phase was unexpected and short lived!), to a healthy, exuberant and over the top youngster ready for training. Definitely a job well done! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the patience, love and all round great care you gave to Bentley.

After a short trip down the road, Bentley was soon in his new paddock and making friends! Bentley's first night went well, and this weekend his training will begin!

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Midnight’s Colic Surgery & Recovery Updates

midnight and vicki 2

midnight home again

Day #8 and #9: Home Again!

Big day on Friday for Midnight and Emily as they said their goodbyes to all who had helped them out during Midnight’s hospitalization at Steinbeck’s this the past week. The care, knowledge, skills and compassion everyone gave not only Midnight but his companion Emily too, was absolutely amazing! It means so much when a bad situation is handled well and you feel confident that the best have now joined what I began to think of as Team Midnight!

midnight eating Day #7 2


Oh my gosh, a grain pan with good stuff in it! Life is so much better for Midnight as he begins to be able to eat again. He has been making steady progress and this mornings report was, “he’s doing really good”.  Later in the day Midnight had some more blood work done and it’s just what’s to be expected at this point. So, he’s eating, drinking, and down to pain meds once a day. He’s very interested in Emily’s grass hay, but it’s still just a little too soon for that. We are now beginning to make plans for Midnight and Emily’s return home, and fingers are crossed for Friday. More news tomorrow!


POST OP DAYS #5 and #6 : 

Great news as Midnight continues to work his way back! He is now eating small frequent meals of freshly grown soft, moist grass and doing really well with it. Last night the IV fluids were discontinued and we are hoping that he will start drinking again on his own, very soon - sometimes it takes a bit. The next step will be to begin weaning him off the pain medication. The goal is, with steady progress over the next few days, Midnight will be going home on Friday! His foster mom will be visiting again today, and I hope to have some more pics up by tonight, so please check back.

Midnight 4 days post op pics 2

POST OP DAY #3 and #4: 

Midnight is putting his all into coming back from his tough surgery and this weekend he enjoyed going out for a walk with his foster mom, plotting a quick escape and, best of all, trying out a handful of fresh grass picked just for him by his wonderful vet, Megan. Everyday is getting just a little bit better for Midnight. Fingers crossed for even more improvement during the next few days. 

PS - Emily, Midnight’s friend, enjoyed a walk too and even got to spend some time kicking up her little heels and running around the round pen. She was having so much fun that she decided she would add the “you can’t catch me game” to her day. Luckily, a treat worked wonders. (When I asked the vet how Emily was doing, her response was, “she’s living the dream!”.)

Day #2 2


The news on Midnight this morning is that he is holding steady. He is catching up on his fluids by IV and is slowly starting to do a little better. He has a long way to go but today his vets and surgeon are now “cautiously optimistic”. Way better than yesterday. Midnight has managed to gain the affection of everyone taking care of him with his sweet personality, and he’s a very cooperative little patient which is always good. Continued prayers for Midnight.

IMG 5031


Tough times for Midnight and today was a mixed bag for our little guy, curious about what was going on around him but having a challenge with belly pain. The night proved to be a little better for him and as Midnight’s vet said, ”those who sleep together, heal together”.  

Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Midnight OR 2


Midnight and his companion of many years, Emily, arrived at Blue Horse Rescue on January 18th, 2017. They were settling into their new foster home and doing really well until this past Wednesday when the little gelding Midnight began to show signs of colic. Our vet determined that it would be best for Midnight to be seen at Steinbecks Country Equine. Once there, after more extensive diagnostics, it was determined that Midnight's colic was not a medical fix and that surgery was needed to save this little one. Midnight was immediately prepped and on his way. 

It was a long and grueling day for Midnight - five hours of surgery while his friend Emily anxiously waited for him to return to their stall. (Emily accompanied Midnight to keep him company during this long ordeal).  Midnight's surgery did take an unexpected turn and we learned that this little guy had been eating hair and sticks at some point. Not at all what we expected to hear.

Midnight came through his tough surgery and is now recovering from anesthesia. We are all hoping and praying for him. 

Bentley’s Latest Adventure

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Blue Horse Rescue’s little man Bentley has been full of surprises since his arrival from Texas! He is quite the character and has charmed us all with his cute little pony self.

However, … when Matt (our wonderful hauler!), suggested quietly that we may want to keep an eye on Bentley because he was acting like a little stud muffin, it didnt take us long to figure out that our little kid was actually a little stud colt!

Bentley’s New Best Friend, Carl

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Every little pony deserves his very own best friend and every little donkey needs his own pony friend too. Bentley and Carl hit it off immediately and Carl has become Bentley’s immediate buddy, teacher & babysitter. …

What’s Been Happening with Bo & Belle?

20160322 142122-1

Bo & Belle have been settling into life with their foster mom Katy and are beginning to relax and enjoy life. It has taken some time, but kudos to Katy for her patience and commitment to getting these two little ones to think about trusting us humans. …

Bentley Has Arrived!


IMG 9070

Sunday was an exciting day for Blue Horse Rescue with Bentley’s long anticipated arrival in CA. After a long quarantine in Texas, he made the trip to us without problems and arrived at his new foster mom’s on Sunday evening. …

Dental Day for Bo & Belle

Another Milestone for  Bo & Little Belle

IMG 8933

Friday was another huge day for the little ponies, Bo and Belle. It was the day they would meet their new vet, Kasie, and learn all about having their teeth floated. And also, about sedation.

Both ponies did really well, although we did learn a lot about them. …

Bentley Update!

Bentley & His Friend

Bentley 2

Bentley enjoying a day in the sunshine with his friend Fuzzy Socks. Only two more weeks to go, and Bentley will be leaving Fuzzy Socks and his quarantine mom, Cindy, to make the trip to his new foster family in California. …

Settling In

Bo and Belle

Bo and Belle

Bo and Belle are now settling into the the 'settling in' phase of their new life in foster. Lots of new and friendly faces to meet as well as new experiences. Bo is meeting every challenge, or avoiding it, in a very confident and determined manner. …

Bo & Belle Arrive!

Minis off Trailer

Minis off Trailer

Our two little ponies have finally arrived! They made the very long trip from Texas, across New Mexico in freezing rain, to Arizona and then finally to California. They had a very excited group waiting their arrival. …

Introducing Bentley

Little Man Bentley

20160123 142200 (1)

Blue Horse Rescue is welcoming one more little pony to the family. And, no, we have not become an all pony rescue, just the way things worked out the past two months! :) Anyway, Bentley is also from the Bowie kill pen and he has been calling to us for the past week to get him out! …

Getting Ready for Bo & Belle

New Stuff!!

20160116 145412

We are definitely going to be ready for Bo & Belle when they arrive! The donations of grain pans, salt blocks, bags of pellets, grass hay, little tiny nibble nets, little tiny blankets, shavings, buckets, and grooming kit. …

Quarantine Days with Cindy

Our First Sunny Day

IMG 8765 copy

So finally, they are able to enjoy a day in the sun! Or at least that what we thought! Just when we thought that things would settle down for Bo and Belle the thunderstorms, flooding and tornadoes hit the area they are now calling their temporary home. …

Two Little Ponies in Texas Kill Pen

Brother & Sister

FullSizeRender copy

These two little ponies, known only as #0420 and #0421 are in the kill pen in Bowie, Texas. The little gelding is said to be about 6 years old and his even smaller sister is about 5. Blue Horse Rescue is pulling them to safety. …

A Big Hello From Jessie & Hazel


Our two girls up north are doing really well. Enjoying the unseasonal sunshine and warmth and making the most of the green in their pasture. Hazel has a bright shiny winter coat and Jessie is looking really amazing. …

Red Light, Massage & Stretching for Diamond & LuLu

Diamond Enjoys her Red Light Therapy


While I'm hoping for a wet winter this year, I'm also concerned for our horses who have problems with arthritis, so we are gearing up to support them even more during the colder weather.

Both Diamond and LuLu suffer from arthritis in their knees and are enjoying the benefits of Julie's red light therapy, massage and stretching.  …

Shelter for Jessie and Hazel

What's Going On in There?


Busy Sunday at Jessie & Hazel's - we spent the day cleaning out a stall that has a gate to Jessie's paddock so our older girl can have shelter out of the wind and rain. Mats are in place and everything is looking good for a nice shelter during the winter months. …

BHR Welcomes a New Volunteer

LuLu and Shanti


This past weekend was full of great things happening, and one of them was welcoming a new volunteer to the BHR mix! Meet Shanti! She comes to us with horse knowledge, enthusiasm and great passion for horses. Shanti is looking forward to spending time with our sanctuary mare, LuLu and will be enjoying grooming time and heading out for walks with Diamond and Sarah.

Checking in with Jessie & Hazel

Early November Sunshine & New Grass


Early November and Jessie is enjoy her time in the pasture stretching out, soaking up some sunshine and enjoying the new sprouts of green grass. It's wonderful to see her enjoying the day. We are getting ready for the colder weather and Jessie has a blanket for the colder nights to keep her weight on.

Fall Wellness Checks & Vaccine Clinic

Patriot Demonstrates How to be a Good Patient


As always, Patriot (the inspiration behind BHR) steps up to the plate and demonstrates how to be a good guy when it's time for those Fall vaccines. It must have rubbed off on everyone as we had a great vaccine day with no drama or vaccine reactions. …

And the Best News Yet! A Home for Sunny

Happy Days for Sunny


I'm so excited for our little golden girl! Sunny has been adopted and joined Mary and her herd of two rescue horses, Conseco and Dolly on November 1st. Mary and Sunny have been spending a lot of time together this past year, and Sunny has been very busy convincing Mary that the two of them would be wonderful partners. …

Jessie's Weight Gain is Happening!

Yay for a Diet of Alfalfa Pellets & Supplements!

IMG 3399

Jessie is really gaining weight! She is looking wonderful! BHR couldn't have done it without really great veterinary advice, a strong mare with surprisingly good blood work, and Jessie's tremendous spirit and desire to stay with us and eat her way back to health. …