Fall Wellness Checks & Vaccine Clinic

Patriot Demonstrates How to be a Good Patient


As always, Patriot (the inspiration behind BHR) steps up to the plate and demonstrates how to be a good guy when it's time for those Fall vaccines. It must have rubbed off on everyone as we had a great vaccine day with no drama or vaccine reactions. Doesn't get much better than that!

Our wonderful vet, Robin Kelly, is not only great with our horses but also has a gift for explaining and teaching. Robin's wellness checks are always a learning experience and a benefit to horses and humans alike. We are so lucky to have her keeping an eye out for the health of our horses and her all-round support for BHR.

Today's main topic was Diamond and her bowed front legs. The question is, once again, to shoe or not to shoe. After Robin's evaluation and explanation of how front shoes will help Diamond's joints, especially those knees which are feeling the stress of her little bowed legs, we are once again leaning towards putting shoes on Diamond's front feet. Don't be surprised if the next photos of Diamond are with shoes on!

LuLu also passed her vet check with flying colors but unfortunately I was too caught up in the moment and didn't take any pictures - sorry LuLu! I'll definitely make it up to you.