Bentley’s Big Adventure

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It was a busy Friday with three of Blue Horse Rescue's little ones on the road. Today was definitely an adventure for Bentley. Bentley said a sad goodbye to his foster family and with curiosity and confidence he loaded right up to head down the road to the next phase of his life - training! We are all very excited for Bentley and look forward to seeing him learn all he needs to know to live safely and confidently in a human world. It always takes a village, and a huge thank you goes to Bentley's foster mom, Sandy, who brought him along from a sickly little stud colt, (the stud colt phase was unexpected and short lived!), to a healthy, exuberant and over the top youngster ready for training. Definitely a job well done! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the patience, love and all round great care you gave to Bentley.

After a short trip down the road, Bentley was soon in his new paddock and making friends! Bentley's first night went well, and this weekend his training will begin!

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