Bentley - Training

IMG 1210

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to check in with Bentley in his new temporary home and see how this young one was adjusting to this big change in his life. When I arrived Bentley was in his paddock hanging out with the big guy on the other side of the fence. Bentley’s curiosity did momentarily get the better of him and he approach to see who had just arrived. His greeting was quick and he soon wandered off to rejoin his new buddy.

Bentley’s play time was once again interrupted when it was time for his first training session in his new paddock. He recognized Ray, who had already had a few sessions with Bentley, and I can only imagine that Bentley was very surprised and also relieved to see a familiar human face. He and Ray have developed quite an understanding and Bentley is definitely very comfortable with him. It was great to see Bentley eager to learn - he tries so hard and is pretty quick to catch on! I’m looking forward to watching his progress.

Bentley #2 2