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Day 3 - Lesson Day with Sunny

Sunny and Julie have an "It's OK Moment"

When Julie and I went out into the pasture today, we were greeted by three horses who were extremely happy to see us. All were looking for reassurance and contact. Sapphie was very happy to see Julie and was allowing contact that she has never offered, including haltering her in the pasture - this has never been an option!  …

Day 2 - The 'Not So Sunny Day' Reunion

This is Where Things Begin to Get Interesting!

IMG 4371

With Sunday's rain behind us, Monday morning graced us with very cold temps and sunshine.  Little Miss Sunny came out of her shelter with renewed curiosity and a whole lot of energy. No longer content with my company alone, she busied herself calling out to every horse she could see and those she could only hear. …

December - Sunny Finally Arrives at BHR!

Just out of the Trailer!

IMG 4328

December 23rd, 2012 started out very early for those of us involved with transporting Sunny to BHR. Whether actively involved or just waiting it was an early morning. At 7 am, amidst torrential rain and darkness, Sunny was successfully walked down the road and loaded into a trailer for her trip from PMR to Blue Horse Rescue.  …