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Red Light, Massage & Stretching for Diamond & LuLu

Diamond Enjoys her Red Light Therapy


While I'm hoping for a wet winter this year, I'm also concerned for our horses who have problems with arthritis, so we are gearing up to support them even more during the colder weather.

Both Diamond and LuLu suffer from arthritis in their knees and are enjoying the benefits of Julie's red light therapy, massage and stretching.  …

Shelter for Jessie and Hazel

What's Going On in There?


Busy Sunday at Jessie & Hazel's - we spent the day cleaning out a stall that has a gate to Jessie's paddock so our older girl can have shelter out of the wind and rain. Mats are in place and everything is looking good for a nice shelter during the winter months. …

BHR Welcomes a New Volunteer

LuLu and Shanti


This past weekend was full of great things happening, and one of them was welcoming a new volunteer to the BHR mix! Meet Shanti! She comes to us with horse knowledge, enthusiasm and great passion for horses. Shanti is looking forward to spending time with our sanctuary mare, LuLu and will be enjoying grooming time and heading out for walks with Diamond and Sarah.

Checking in with Jessie & Hazel

Early November Sunshine & New Grass


Early November and Jessie is enjoy her time in the pasture stretching out, soaking up some sunshine and enjoying the new sprouts of green grass. It's wonderful to see her enjoying the day. We are getting ready for the colder weather and Jessie has a blanket for the colder nights to keep her weight on.

Fall Wellness Checks & Vaccine Clinic

Patriot Demonstrates How to be a Good Patient


As always, Patriot (the inspiration behind BHR) steps up to the plate and demonstrates how to be a good guy when it's time for those Fall vaccines. It must have rubbed off on everyone as we had a great vaccine day with no drama or vaccine reactions. …

And the Best News Yet! A Home for Sunny

Happy Days for Sunny


I'm so excited for our little golden girl! Sunny has been adopted and joined Mary and her herd of two rescue horses, Conseco and Dolly on November 1st. Mary and Sunny have been spending a lot of time together this past year, and Sunny has been very busy convincing Mary that the two of them would be wonderful partners. …