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Sapphies Sticky Left Side & Her 'Happy Horse Place'

IMG 3768

Today was a big learning day for Sapphire, and probably just a little bit stressful. Lots to learn for this little filly in our weird human world. It's not always easy but sometimes you just have to take her to the edge and be there to bring her back again. …

Moving On with Sapphie

Basics Revisited


Sometimes you just have to revisit familiar places before moving on and that's what we did today. After Mondays's farrier challenge, Julie put me back to basics with Sapphire. It was much welcomed by both Sapphie and me. …

Sapphie Makes Some Big Changes Along with the Season

Thinks are Happening from Both Ends - Tail & Nose!

IMG 3471

October comes much welcomed with it's slighter cooler days. Hopefully it will also bring a light rain to turn our dry, dusty pasture a little green again. It's been a long, hot, but mellow summer at the ranch.