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Expanding our Horizons

As Summer draws to an end, we are busy fine tuning and increasing Sunny and Sapphire's skill level. What once happened only in the round pen, is now being introduced outside the round pen and in the pasture. So far it's been going really well. …

Yeeks! There's a Hose in our Pasture!

I'd Better Check this Out!

We have an addition to our pasture out in Four Corners -  we can now attach a hose to the water line!! (I know, it's a girl hose, but it's better than nothing!) I can now have clean water without having to walk all the way up to the main barn, and … this also means bath time for the girls!! …

Sapphie Plays Outside the Round Pen!

Lots of New Stuff Happening Here!

IMG 5728

An incredible day for Sapphire! Lots of big stuff going on with our girl today. Those of you who know Sapphie are well acquainted with what used to be her pretty severe fear of anything rope like. She still remains skeptical, so to see her with her lead rope around her neck and playing the circling game, (outside the round pen!), while on a 22 foot line, was amazing!

Diamond Makes Just One More Move!

Breeze thru my Main!

Well, Diamond is now enjoying a private paddock and shelter! She has neighbors on both sides and across the way,  and her pasture buddy, Happy, is one paddock over.  Happy is recovering from a torn ligament and Diamond is enjoying her space without Maisy.