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Blue Tarps, Baths & A Bee Sting to the Nose

LuLu's Magic Chin

Well, the day started out well. Under LuLu's comforting chin, but sometimes the best laid plans go bad on you. Here I was thinking I would have a nice quiet laid back weekend with the kids. No stress for Sapphie just a lets hang out kinda Saturday. …

Sapphie's Making Progress in her Round Pen!

IMG 2941

Everytime I miss one of Sapphire's lesson's with Julie, I'm absolutely amazed at the progress she has made.  Sapphire is becoming more confident and is a lot more forgiving. This translates to a lot less dust rising whenever she has a 'panic attack' and feels the need to place as much space as possible between us and the moment. …

More Video - Part 2 August 3rd, 2012

Just a reminder that all videos, photos and comments are purely to document and share Sapphire's progress and are not meant to be used as training videos. 

Thanks for following Sapphire's progress and stay safe!