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Checking In with Jessie & Hazel

On the Road - July 30th

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I packed up bright and early Wednesday morning and headed out to visit with Jessie and Hazel. Tried to beat the heat but by 8:30 am it was already 82 degrees and the temperature climbed, and climbed :(  Boy, do I hate the heat! 

Jessie & Hazel Update

Update July 26th, 2014

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Wonderful news today on Jessie! Despite the 103 degree heat, Jessie is showing an interest in her pellets, her appetite has increased and she is nickering and waiting at the fence for her grain pan. After the vet visit last Wednesday Jessie was exhausted but today she is showing quite an improvement which is really great. …

Hazel & Jessie's Story

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On Saturday evening I received an email from a lady reaching out for help to find homes for her two horses, Jessie and Hazel. She shared that her husband had recently passed away and that she was no longer able to financially afford to feed her horses. …