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Sunny - July, 2013

Sunny's Statement of the Day: No! I Don't Want To!

Sunny was very, very interesting today - she decided to let us know that she was just not interested in having a lesson and that our visitor, Pam, was far more interesting. She just wanted to hang out.  Now, Pam has been visiting the girls since Sapphire's arrival and every time she comes to visit, both Sunny and Sapphire have always been on their best and sweetest behavior. …

Diamond's First Lesson with Julie - Yay!

All Better & Ready to Play with Julie

Today was a really fun and interesting day with Diamond, and one that we've been waiting for - Diamond's first session with Julie since her storm related pasture injury back in June. Diamond has recovered nicely and after two weeks back in the pasture with some time to de-stress and hang with Maisy and Happy, she was ready for a little bit of a challenge with the 7 Games and us people. 

Out for a Walk

Diamond & Julie

Today Julie and I took Diamond out of the pasture and headed towards the vineyard for a walk. Julie with Diamond in hand and me with my camera.  

Off we went, out of the pasture and across the bridge. The bridge and the two dumpsters can be pretty scary stuff heading away from the herd, so our journey started off with quite a bit of snorting and nervous energy on Diamonds part. …

Diamond's Back in Her Pasture Again!

Yay! I'm Outa the Barn!


Good news for Diamond! She got the OK from our vet today and she's back in the pasture again!  Her chest has healed nicely and we are hoping that in time the scar will fade. Her mouth and nose have both healed beautifully once her infection was under control and she's ready to resume her life in the pasture with Happy and Maisy.