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Sapphie's Intro to the Round Pen

Lunch in the Round Pen

IMG 2869

Well, today was the day we had all be waiting for. Sapphire in the round pen - no more corners to try and hide in, (try being the key word), and a lot more space. Sapphie's little square play pen certainly looks very small and very much outgrown at this point. 

July 2012 - A Surprise Visitor for LuLu

Natalie's Visit

Image 3

Good things seem to be happening to us this July.  One of them came in the form of Natalie, Alex, and new daughter, Ava. It has been a while since I volunteered to help Natalie rehome LuLu and little did I know at the time, that LuLu was going to become a permanent member of my family. …

Sapphie's Round Pen is Up and Shining!

IMG 2854

Today exciting things began happening out in the Four Corners pasture. Dario pulled into our pasture and this time, the back of the truck was not loaded up with alfalfa and all sorts of goodies, but very big shiny panels. …

Relaxing After a Busy Day

IMG 2808

After all Sapphire's hard work with Julie today, a good dinner and a little snack, it was time for Sapphie to curl up in the shavings for a much deserved rest. She also, for the very first time, allowed me to come close while she was lying down and I was able to get a few photos as the sun was beginning to set. …