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Sapphie's Snack Time & Hanging Out

Sapphie's Evening Snack

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Twice a day Sapphire gets to eat all by herself in her play pen. These two meals are her very favorites. No other horses pushing her away, and she gets it all to herself with lots of licking and chewing as LuLu and P stand quietly by the fence hoping a piece will blow their way. …

Unepected Things Happening in June :) 2012

Wow! P's First Ride!!!

IMG 0832

Well, here's something I thought I would never be doing but sometimes you just have to take advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself. And that opportunity came along this past Wednesday. 

It was hot, P was in his extreme summer love muffin mode - huggy, not wanting to do too much, it was really hot, so … I thought to myself, (always dangerous), "I think today may just be a good day to see if I can sit on his back".  …

Sapphire's Getting Ready for her Trim! And Other Stuff


Lots of cool things happening with Sapphire this week. Todays lesson was a mixed bag of  successes on her part. Everything from the carrot stick and string over her head - that was never acceptable - to following a feel. …


What's This?

IMG 2382

Curiosity is one thing that Sapphie has in abundance. Any new object she comes across definitely has to be checked out. Today's opportunity for discovery came with P and his barefoot trim. What is that? I'd better go look! …