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May 2012 - Lots of Sunshine


The weather is warming up, the pastures are starting to look drier and not so lush (thank goodness) and the scent of fly spray is in the air. The afternoons are lazy fly swishing times and on the really hot days, it's great hanging out under the trees on the far side of the pasture. …

April 2012 - A Calmer Month


Winter is slowly fading away and the promise of Spring is here. The horses are spending time laying in the mid morning sun, butt to butt in the soft savings. Everyone is relaxed and enjoying Spring and settled into the new pasture. 

Lesson Day

IMG 2301

Sapphire amazed us all today! After a challenging time last week  she let us know  that she understood what Julie was asking for, and then, at least to my surprise, offered it back to us today. I think she was practicing when we weren't looking! …

Yep, She's Growing!

IMG 2365 2

A nice quiet day in the pasture - the sun is out, the wind is blowing, and everyone is enjoying the day. Looks like Sapphire is putting all this great energy into quietly growing. As you can see, right now it's all going into the hind end so she always looks as if she's standing on a incline. …

My Weekend with Sapphire

Well, here's my little helper. Sapphire is the #1 volunteer at Blue Horse Rescue. She has enthusiastically taken it upon herself to be in charge of mucking. She loves her job and takes it very seriously. Every single piece of manure is sniffed, eyeballed and inspected. …

Sapphire Offered Us Her Heart and Soul Today

IMG 2300

Wow! Today was amazing! Sapphire was amazing!  Julie was amazing! The journey that I'm on with Sappie and Julie is incredible! I'm thrilled! Today was a break through day with our girl. I was totally silent, and in awe, as I watched Sappie and Julie reach a new level of communication. …