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The Night the Cows Came Thru

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It's been quite a while since we had an escaped cow/bull/calf that caused quite this much excitement at the ranch, but just when you're enjoying a nice, quiet early Spring evening you should pretty much count on something happening. I guess this group of youngsters decided to explore what what on the other side of their fence and found themselves heading down Toby Lane toward Chalk Hill Ranch. The first sign of something out of the ordinary was adrenalin as the horses tried to figure out what the fastly approaching commotion was all about - Diamond did a little run around her paddock for a circuit or two, until she decided that since everyone else was standing still and just snorting and looking, she could probably do the same. So, with Oak, her gelding buddy, as support, Diamond joined the onlookers. The group quickly trotted past and headed down the road to the main barn to cause even more commotion.  

Meanwhile, Diamond and LuLu decided that it would be best to keep watch, but the drama was over for the night. Very exciting stuff while it lasted!


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