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Introducing the Big Blue Barrel! (4/17/13)

More New Stuff!

A fun time today with Sunny and Sapphire - we introduced the blue barrel into their round pen and were really, really surprised to see how easily and willingly they both accepted this new object.  At least I was.  …

Sapphire's Latest Achievement! (April 10, 2013)

I Think Something New's Going to Happen!

Well, with the heat rumored to be in the 90's today (sure felt like it!) and definitely in the 80's yesterday, the flies are beginning to buzz.  Last weekend's rain left the pastures lush with green grass and the air a little on the humid side. …

Catching Up On April with Sunny


IMG 5051

Sunny has been spending time learning the seven games and getting into the routine of learning stuff.  And, she's making really great progress. She's had a jump start on things as she came to us already able to halter and lead so we aren't doing quite the baby steps we did we Sappire. …