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Halters On & Now We're Working on the Rope!


Boy, has time been flying! Haven't posted in a while, but lots has been happening and it's all good. We've been doing a lot of work with Sapphire and are thrilled that she is now accepting her halter and even beginning to get a 'tad' more comfortable with the rope. …

Check Out Sapphire - She's Wearing the Blue Halter!

I'm not going to say too much, but I have tons of video for you documenting Sapphire's great day. Let's just say Julie and I are very proud of her! This has been two months in the making, and while we knew we were nearly there it was amazing to see Sapphire trust us enough to wear the halter, with the lead rope attached! 

Sapphire, the Blue Halter & Lots of Wind!

Today we had the additional challenge of a extremely windy day - the wind was just roaring around, gates were clanking, the pipes were whistling, and branches creaking, but Sapphire hung in there. Other than having a few little panic attacks she did great. …