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Success! Sunny Gets A Trim! (March 19, 2013)

IMG 4965 - Version 2

There are no words to say how thrilled I am that Sunny was trimmed this time round! Those toes were just getting sooo long! Last time Sunny was a distant observer, and Sapphire was the star. This time round, Sunny did beautifully - halter on, stood nicely and with minimal drama. …

Fresh Clean Shavings Means More Fun - March 2013

Yay! New Shavings!

IMG 4875

I never thought that new shavings would be such an exciting and learning time for Sapphire and Sunny, but it's turn out to be a lot of fun. They both get braver, more curious and a great deal more creative in their shavings exploits. …

Play Time for Sunny - Learning the Circling Game (March 2013)

I'm Circling Now, Julie!

Today was Sunny's day for a lesson with Julie. It amazes me how very different Sunny and Sapphire are when it comes to learning. While Sapphire was very fear based and still remains a sceptic, Sunny while uncertain, has the attitude of, "No, I don't want to!" …

Friends Come to Visit & Play with Sapphire! (March 2013)

Today was an exciting day at the rescue. We had some friends, Pam and Kasey, come to visit. Pam was very excited to see Sapphire again & also get to play the seven games with her in the round pen. 

Since this was the first time that Sapphire would be playing with anyone other than Julie or myself, Julie warmed Sapphie up to the idea of introducing Pam into her world - routine is

Playing with the Girls - March 2013

Sapphire & Sunny have been enjoying the warm weather, and with the round pen all dried out the girls are busy playing with Julie. Sapphire is working hard at the seven games and is coming along nicely. Todays focus was the Porcupine Game and following a feel.