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Sapphire's Very Big Day!

The Big Moment

IMG 2162

In the rain, mist and mud, Sapphire made our day today. Since my last post, Sapphire has been gradually softening and showing a lot more willingness to be with us. Sapphie immediately knows when Julie and I cross the bridge to the pasture and will watch until we approach the fence, oftening coming to greet us - always a good thing! …

March 2012 - Even More Changes


March brought a little bit of sunshine, just to trick us, a big winter storm to remind us that it's wasn't over yet, a new pasture for Patriot and the girls, and an unexpected visitor. Just when the worst of the storm was over, Patriot, LuLu and Sapphire moved to their new pasture. …

Sapphire's Blue Halter (& lead rope)

Not the Blue Halter!


By the look on Sapphie's face, you can just hear what she's thinking; "Hum, just when I thought they'd given up on that blue thing, it's back again!, Oh well, I guess I can tolerate it for a bit. Maybe there's one of those good cookies in it for me! …

Our New Pasture


Sunday was a big day for Sapphire as she, Patriot and LuLu were moved to a new pasture. Wait, let me correct that - it was a big day for Patriot as we moved to the new pasture. Sapphire and LuLu accepted the change well, but Patriot (large and in charge , in his mind), had a very stressful time figuring out that his herd was absolutely fine in their new environment

One Small Step at a Time

Checking out The Halter

IMG 2082

Lots of catching up to do today! So, here's what's been happening … 

Last time we talked, Sapphie was in her new 'playpen'. The goal: accept the person. So far this hasn't really been part of Sapphire's agenda, and this didn't work too well when she had a herd and had an acres to take off on. …