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Dental Day for Bo & Belle

Another Milestone for  Bo & Little Belle

IMG 8933

Friday was another huge day for the little ponies, Bo and Belle. It was the day they would meet their new vet, Kasie, and learn all about having their teeth floated. And also, about sedation.

Both ponies did really well, although we did learn a lot about them. …

Bentley Update!

Bentley & His Friend

Bentley 2

Bentley enjoying a day in the sunshine with his friend Fuzzy Socks. Only two more weeks to go, and Bentley will be leaving Fuzzy Socks and his quarantine mom, Cindy, to make the trip to his new foster family in California. …

Settling In

Bo and Belle

Bo and Belle

Bo and Belle are now settling into the the 'settling in' phase of their new life in foster. Lots of new and friendly faces to meet as well as new experiences. Bo is meeting every challenge, or avoiding it, in a very confident and determined manner. …