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Sapphire & Sunny Enjoying a Great Day in February

Patriot & Sunny         Could you get any closer?

Patriot and Sunny New Shaving 2-13-poster copy 2

The past few days have really been great! I'm loving this Springlike weather and so are the horses. New shavings & sunshine always means that Patriot gets a good mid morning nap, but not this time. Sunny decided that since she now knew what the shavings were for, it was her turn to break them in. …

Sunny - Prepping for Farrier Work & Meeting our Vet

With Sapphire's Support

Today was a great day to start getting Sunny ready to meet our farrier. After Sapphire's great success just a few days ago, Sapphire was standing by to offer Sunny as much support as possible. Sunny does not share Sapphire's distrust of ropes, so it was very much easier for Sunny to accept the feel of the rope on her legs and eventually follow that feel, shift her weight and then take a step. …

Lots Happening and It's All Good!

Farrier Day!

Here's something I don't think I've ever said: farrier day was wonderful! Everyone of our kids were just perfect! Even more so than I could ever have wished for. As a matter of fact, if I ever invasion, or hoped for the perfect farrier day this would have been it.