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Bo & Belle Arrive!

Minis off Trailer

Minis off Trailer

Our two little ponies have finally arrived! They made the very long trip from Texas, across New Mexico in freezing rain, to Arizona and then finally to California. They had a very excited group waiting their arrival. …

Introducing Bentley

Little Man Bentley

20160123 142200 (1)

Blue Horse Rescue is welcoming one more little pony to the family. And, no, we have not become an all pony rescue, just the way things worked out the past two months! :) Anyway, Bentley is also from the Bowie kill pen and he has been calling to us for the past week to get him out! …

Getting Ready for Bo & Belle

New Stuff!!

20160116 145412

We are definitely going to be ready for Bo & Belle when they arrive! The donations of grain pans, salt blocks, bags of pellets, grass hay, little tiny nibble nets, little tiny blankets, shavings, buckets, and grooming kit. …