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What's That?!!!

It's Never Been There Before!


Anything new, or moved to somewhere it's never been before, is always an invitation to investigate and Patriot's new blanket (yes, he tore up another one!) was no exception. The temptation was just to much and Sunny just couldn't resist checking it out.

Spa Day for Diamond

Photonic Light Therapy!

IMG 6378

Lesson day headed in a very different direction today as it quickly became obvious that Diamond was very stiff and uncomfortable. So, with a quick change of plan, it was time for some body work and a little red light therapy. …


The Look!

IMG 6271

Warm lazy days in Healdsburg- wishing for rain but in the meantime, the horses are enjoying napping in the shavings, enjoying the sunshine and looking for grass that's actually growing long enough to actually nibble on. …