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Life with Sapphie & Sunny

Day to Day Discoveries

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Today marks one month since Sunny came to Blue Horse Rescue - hard to believe it's gone so quickly. We've been spending the time just getting to know Sunny and letting her settle in with Patriot, and getting reacquainted with Sapphire. …

January 10th - it's Freezing - Literally!

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Just a reminder that all videos, photos and comments are purely to document and share Sapphire's progress and are not meant to be used as training videos. 

Thanks for following Sapphire's progress and stay safe!

And Where's Our Official Meeter & Greeter Been While All This has been Going On? Safe & Sound in the Barn!

LuLu's New Digs!

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In late October the first green grass showed in our pasture and with this our voluptuous girl, LuLu, began to pack on the pounds. Already pleasantly plump, and with the worst hooves ever, not to mention arthritis in her knees, I decided that since a stall in the main barn was now empty, I would take the opportunity to get LuLu off the grass and into a stall and a paddock which grows relatively no grass. …

The Dust Has Finally Settled!

Taking in Some Sun & Some Mud

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Happy to say that things have settled down, and with the holidays behind us, we are easing back into our routine again.  The sun has been shining for the past few days and everyone is enjoying as much time as possible laying in the warm mud and soaking up some sunshine. …