And the Best News Yet! A Home for Sunny

Happy Days for Sunny


I'm so excited for our little golden girl! Sunny has been adopted and joined Mary and her herd of two rescue horses, Conseco and Dolly on November 1st. Mary and Sunny have been spending a lot of time together this past year, and Sunny has been very busy convincing Mary that the two of them would be wonderful partners. It's hard to resist this little horse with the huge personality, and Mary soon fell for Sunny's charms. If ever a horse picked her person, it was Sunny! I am very happy for both Mary and Sunny and look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things they achieve together! Sunny will have no end of love, wonderful care and an all round great home.

BHR was honored to have Sunny with us and we send her with much love to her new life. Congratulations to Sunny and Mary!

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