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Jessie and Hazel really need our help. Please take a moment to read their story and consider a donation to The Jessie and Hazel Fund. Getting Jessie back to a good weight is going to be a slow process and a costly one. Recent blood work shows Jessie to be in good health for a 28 year old mare which is very encouraging. She is a sweet girl and we are going to do what we can to get her weight back on and then into a new home.  I know with your help we can do this. (You may donate either through gofundme or the Network for Good Donation button if you perfer to use PayPal.) 

Posted July 26, 2014

Total: Including Off-Line Donations:   $855.00 - Thank you!

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Mission Statement - We are dedicated to providing unwanted horses with a safe and nurturing environment while they heal physically, mentally and emotionally from situations of abandonment, neglect and abuse. Our special interest is, but will not be limited to orphaned foals and young horses that need special attention and training to become safe and willing partners.  (Continue)

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Volunteer Opportunities - As we begin our second year at Blue Horse Rescue, one of our focuses will be getting our Volunteer Program up and running. Our needs are many and varied - everything from hands-on horse care to event coordinating, marketing and fund-raising. We are a young rescue with some great ideas but we do need dedicated and passionate people to make it happen. 

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Adoption - Open your hearts and home, and share your life with a horse needing a loving family. Consider adopting Diamond, Jessie, or Hazel. They are all unique but have one thing in common - they all deserve a loving family. Please consider taking a moment to meet these very deserving horses.

Please visit Our Horses for more info on Diamond. Hazel and Jessie info to follow.


We Need Homes Too - Along with horses, ranches, barns and stables come cats, kittens and sometimes colonies of wild and free roaming cats and their litters. While working with Jessie and Hazel I became aware of the feral cat problem in the county. The resources are maxed out, and very little help is available to spay/neuter and re-home feral/free roaming cats. While not being able to help them all, we can spay/neuter, socialize and get the kittens healthy and ultimately into really great homes. I can't walk away from any animal needing help, so I now have six kittens that I am working with. The goal is to spay/neuter, socialize, provide vaccines, microchip, get rid of bugs and worms, and ultimately find them all great homes. So far it's all going well and the spay/neuter will take place on September 19th. I'm not asking for donations, but I am asking you to think about adopting a kitten. They so deserve a chance at a home of their own and the kittens are working really hard at replacing their wild ways with a soft and cuddly approach to life!  (Learn more about the Kittens!)

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